Landlords Can Save Money With a Nest Learning Thermostat


Landlords and renters have many ways to save time and money.  One way to save time every month is by using landlord software like Schedule My Rent to automate rent collection.  Another way of saving time and money is by automating your heating and cooling with a Nest learning thermostat.

Ways to maximize rent and profit on your rental: 

  1. Make your rental appealing to great renters so that you can quickly rent a unit that becomes vacant.
  1. Have renters that stay in the rental for many years so you reduce the expense and time of turning the rental (repairs, painting, cleaning, advertising, showing, applications, etc.). If a unit is in good shape and has nice features, renters are more likely to stay and to take good care of it.
  1. Save money on electric and gas bills. If you are paying utility bills, these saving flow directly to your profit.  If renters are paying, having lower bills is a great selling point.

It might sound crazy, but switching an old thermostat to a new Nest thermostat may help with all of these items.

A Nest thermostat helps in many ways:

  • It makes a rental unit look more modern. A tenant will immediately notice a Nest thermostat and think that the rental unit has been upgraded and will be a nicer place to live.
  • It can be controlled from any computer or phone with the Nest app, which is a great selling feature.
  • It automatically learns the renter’s schedule and will automatically raise and lower the temperature to always keep it comfortable inside.
  • Save $131 – $145 every year on utility bills, based on typical energy costs. Nest knows if you are home or not.  Based on this, the current temperature outside, and the temperature patterns that renters select, it automatically tries to save 10-15% on energy costs by properly adjusting the temperature, especially when nobody is home.
  • Know if there is a problem. A nest can tell if there is a problem with your furnace, filters, and more.  It is much cheaper to do preventative maintenance than to have emergency repairs in the middle of the night.
  • It is easy to install and not that expensive. The Nest E is currently priced at $169.  Many utility companies give rebates for installing energy efficient thermostats, which could reduce the cost by $50.00 or more.  A new Nest thermostat may pay for itself in under one year.

Landlord software to collect rent online saves both landlords and tenants time.  Installing a Nest thermostat is another great way to save time and money.

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Features of the Resident Portal to Collect Rent Online

As a landlord, one of the most difficult challenges you may face is collecting tenant rental payments in a timely manner. Fortunately, Schedule My Rent provides you with an easy-to-use application that enables your tenants to make their rental payments online. Our resident portal allows you to collect all tenant rental payments in one place and send them straight to your bank account.

Top 10 Features of the Resident Portal to Collect Rent Online

  1. Tenants can pay virtually any way they want. Schedule My Rent enables your tenants to make their rental payments using their bank accounts or credit/debit cards. They can even pay their rent with cash at any MoneyGram retail location.
  2. You can collect payments monthly, bi-monthly or weekly. Schedule My Rent gives landlords the ability to work out payment agreements with specific tenants.
  3. You can even set parameters to accept partial payments from renters temporarily.
  4. Initial and daily late fees will be applied to your renter’s accounts automatically.
  5. Rental payments are deposited into your bank account within three business days for no additional charge.
  6. Schedule My Rent allows you to control the order that your tenant’s payments are applied to their account, ensuring that the oldest or most recent bills are made-good immediately.
  7. We’ll also allow you to deposit rental checks into a different bank account for every individual lease.
  8. Our resident portal also shows individual unit descriptions on your bank statement so you can verify the dates and amounts of all payments collectively each month.
  9. All return fees are kept by you and return payments are readded to the renter’s account.
  10. Schedule My Rent also processes all bank payments ourselves, ensuring that you can easily understand the entire process from the moment a renter pays to when it is deposited into your account.

Collect Rent Online Through Our Tenant Portal

Having to collect and deposit monthly rental checks can be a hassle. Instead of inconveniencing yourself and your tenants, allow them to make their payments through Schedule My Rent’s tenant portal. Our resident portal will collect these payments for you and quickly deposit them into your bank account.
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Schedule My Rent Landlord Software Benefits to Help You Collect Rent Online

We Make Your Life Easier

Schedule My Rent encounters many landlords and property managers that want to take their business to the next level. We’ve removed all the jargon and provided all the real reasons why landlords need landlord software and to collect rent online.

What is online rent collection?

A software system that allows tenants to pay their monthly rent via bank transfer, debit card, credit card or automatic withdrawals all online. Online rent collection takes away the stress of collecting rent face-to-face.

Benefits of Schedule My Rent for landlord and tenant includes:

  1. It is easy to set up. And simple for landlords and tenants. Making it a win-win for everyone.
  2. Online landlord software provides your tenants a modern way to pay rent. This appeals to millennials and younger generations. It’s convenient for them to set up and assures on-time payments for you. Saves time and energy.
  3. No more late payments. Tenants don’t need to worry about paying their monthly rent. They can set up a recurring automatic transfer.
  4. Rent Tracking. No need to track individual rents on your own. Online rent collection services make it easy to see which tenants are up to date on payments. Schedule My Rent also coordinates late fees.
  5. Better security. Schedule My Rent ensures a secure and safe transaction for both tenants and renters.
  6. Automatic lease renewals. Takes away the hassles of dealing with signed papers. The transaction is done online, from anywhere and anytime. This is beneficial to landlords and tenants who are busy or travel.

Schedule My Rent

There are many benefits when it comes to landlord software and collect rent online services provided by Schedule My Rent. Your services can be expanded to fit your business needs. To find our more information about the benefits contact Schedule My Rent today!

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5 Signs You Need a Property Management Software

Property management software plays an important role in helping manage property management businesses. If you’ve grown tired and frustrated from doing basic property management tasks, then chances are you need property management software.

The professionals at Schedule My Rent have compiled data from everyday interactions with existing customers to bring to you everything you need to know to start investing in online rent collection software.

It’s a hassle to manage people and places. The life of a property manager can be stressful if you let it. To make your time effective you need Schedule My Rent to provide real-time payments, notifications and communication with your tenants.

You’re not aware of vacancies before they happen and you’re not filling vacancies fast enough. Our software helps you manage when tenants are moving out and in-return helps you plan for your business. The software can track marketing data to help you improve vacancy down-time.

Cash Flow anomalies are hurting your business. You may have income when tenants are paying rent on-time. Property management software ensures payments are made and disperses late payment fees if needed.

You can’t keep track of work-orders. You’re focused on collecting rent that you’re spending less time getting repairs completed. Overall, this may be hurting your business because now you have upset tenants. Schedule My Rent automates work-orders, so you can keep track of what is coming in and set schedules for maintenance appointments.  

Your business lacks all analytics. Schedule My Rent Landlord software provides you with the data you need to track your business growth. With instant glimpses into your business and accurate tracking, you can work less and save more money.

Schedule My Rent

If you are a landlord or property manager and have questions about property management software call Schedule My Rent today. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Landlord Software Features to Help You Collect Rent Online

Property Management Made Easy

Landlord software is a powerful tool. Collecting rent online simplifies the rental property management process for landlords and property managers. Schedule My Rent offers cloud-based software with electronic payments, streamlined maintenance requests and communication functionalities. If you’re looking for landlord software to manage your business, Schedule My Rent is the ideal solution.

Schedule My Rent Features:

Electronic Payments that are fast and easy. Saving landlords time and paper! Payments can be made in real-time from any-where and any place and rent payments are deposited directly into the landlord’s account. Schedule My Rent accepts safe and secure payments that are easy to track. The monthly lease can also be split between multiple roommates.

Streamlined Maintenance requests and mobile access improves efficiency and productivity. This feature allows tenants to submit maintenance requests and assists landlords to manage these requests in a timely manner. All communication can be submitted through the online tenant portal.

Communication functionalities include rent due dates and reminders and lease renewal reminders for both tenants and landlords. Other communication capabilities include rent tracking, vacancy notifications and email correspondence between tenants and landlords. This landlord software feature keeps communication clear and organized.

Schedule My Rent

Schedule My Rent specializes in landlord software and helps landlords collect rent online. The components of the software are designed to make every landlord’s life easier. Partnering with us will help you manage you day-to-day and keep track of tenants and payments.

Save Valuable Time & Money

If you’re a landlord looking to save time and money, then get started by collecting rent online with software provided by Schedule My Rent. Set-up is easy and it’s easy to use!

Schedule My Rent

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Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

Phone (844) 465-3339

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Why Renters should use an Online Rent Payment System?

Having a landlord that accepts online rent payments creates flexibility for renters to make payments on-time. This is the best way to keep an optimistic renter-landlord relationship, and reduces risk and worry for both renters and landlords. If your landlord is not offering an online rent payment system today, let them know that they do have this option available.

Renters can learn more about why they should be using an online rent payment system through Schedule My Rent. Schedule My Rent offers online rent payment software. Continue reading below to learn more about the convenience and security benefits for renters.

Convenient Payments

Renters can make rent payments from anywhere and anytime. This prevents late payments and recurring fees due to late payments. You can conveniently pay rent on-time even though you have a busy lifestyle.

Safe and Secure Payments

Online rent payments by Schedule My Rent are a safe transaction. Your personal information and bank information is protected. This is also a safer alternative to writing checks and paying in cash. As checks and cash can get lost in the mail.

Easy to Manage

Online rent payments are real-time transactions. This makes rent easy to track. You can look at past payments and also set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account. Online rent payment software from Schedule My Rent makes everyone’s life easier.

Schedule My Rent

Schedule My Rent offers landlord and property management software to help renters pay rent online. We love simplifying online rent payments for renters. If you’re a landlord or renter needing an online payment system that is safe and reliable, learn more about Schedule My Rent. We want to tell you more about who we are and what we do. Call 844-465-3339 or email for any additional questions.

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5 Reasons to Collect Rent Online

Collect Rent Online

Many of our landlords indicate rent collection is their biggest hassle in managing properties, even above evictions and dealing with criminal activity. If you have had to track down lost or late payments, you know what they’re referring to. Chasing down payments can be a time sink and create strains in the landlord/tenant relationship.

Though there are many reasons people are late on rent payments, one of the top reasons is they simply forgot to send it in. This, along with many other reasons, is why our landlords and tenants both see the many benefits of online rent payments. Additionally, with nearly two-thirds of millennials preferring to pay bills online, it’s essential that the modern landlord provide online payment options to tenants.

Here are five reasons why online rent collection saves our landlords and tenants time and is much more convenient than traditional check or cash-based payments.

5 Great Reasons to Collect Rent Online

  1. Ease of Recurring Payments

With online rent payment software, tenants are able to quickly and easily schedule recurring rent payments. This means tenants can automatically pay rent on the same day each month, eliminating the ‘I just forgot’ scenario. It also saves our tenants time, in writing checks, mailing them, and checking to see if their payment arrived on-time. No need to go to the post office for stamps either. Tenants are not the only ones who save time. Landlords also see the benefit, by eliminating the need to go to the post office box, collect rent envelops, track them in spreadsheets, and go to the bank to deposit them. Online rent payments are a huge time-saver for both landlords and tenants.

Landlord software, such as Schedule My Rent, allows tenants to schedule rent payments from their bank accounts on the same day each month. It even enables tenants to approve each monthly payment separately. Today’s modern tenants prefer flexibility in payment options, and landlords looking to offer optimal solutions are wise to consider Schedule My Rent’s landlord software products.

  1. Fewerlate rent payments

Online payment software enables the landlord to automatically send reminder notifications to tenants each month – emailing them to let them know their rent is due. With this pre-notification, landlords experience fewer late rent submittals.

If a payment is submitted after the due date, email reminders for late rent are also a great feature. With Schedule My Rent, late fees can be added when a payment is paid past the lease due date. By automating the late fee process and communications, our landlords find increased understanding of payment expectations, reducing unnecessary strain on the landlord/tenant relationship.

  1. Real-time rent payment status

As a tenant or landlord, it’s reassuring to be able to go online and check the status of your rent payment in real time on a Landlord Software Dashboard. With online rent payment options, like Schedule My Rent, tenants are able to view a complete status of their account, are able to authorize one-time fees (such as late fees or a one-time bill payment) and are able to split rent payments between roommates. Another great feature to online rent payments is the electronic receipt of payment. Tenants can be reassured that their payment is received and have full visibility to the date and amount submitted – for both landlord and tenant.

Schedule My Rent’s services include receiving an ACH payment in 3 days, as a standard. Attaining your money sooner enables landlords to achieve improved return on investment.

  1. Property Management Streamlining

Many landlord software providers require unique passwords and logins for each property a landlord manages, making it difficult to view payment status across multiple properties or accounts. With Schedule My Rent, landlords are able to see a complete account of amounts due for each property and across properties with a single log in, saving landlords significant set-up and viewing time.

To better enable landlords to manage their properties, Schedule My Rent provides landlords with a status e-mail collection report reflecting the complete payment status by property and across their real estate portfolio. With this feature, landlords are able to spend more time increasing profitability in other areas.

In managing properties, landlords are looking to receive rent payments as quickly as possible to better enable them to meet mortgage commitments and to improve cash flow. Schedule My Rent’s everyday 3 day ACH processing time is standard, and enables landlords to count on payments receipt in this time-frame.

  1. Rent Payment Security.

Online rent payments have the added benefit of increased payment security. With electronic payments, there’s a reduction in the likelihood of loss of payment or the potential for another party to fraudulently use the account information on your paper check. Online rent payment is one of the most secure options for both you and the tenant.

In a recent report titled Identity Fraud Consumer Report, authors encourage customers to “use online bill pay whenever possible.” With Schedule My Rent, all personal payment information is encrypted, and the transaction is fully secure.

As landlord software for online rent collection can save both landlord and tenant time in many aspects of the rental management process, consider Schedule My Rent for your electronic rent payment needs.